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South Bethlehem in 1935, looking north to houses and Bethlehem Steel.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia
Created: 1935 Nov.
Evans, Walker, 1903-1975, photographer.



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Pulaski Day

View from St. Michael's Cemetery





After the Civil War the Borough of South Bethlehem was formed. In 1886 the Borough of West Bethlehem (in Lehigh County) was formed. In 1904, the Boroughs of West Bethlehem (in Lehigh County) and Bethlehem (in Northampton County) merged. In 1917, the Borough of South Bethlehem and Bethlehem merged to become the City of Bethlehem, with Archibald Johnston (1865-1948) selected as the new city’s first mayor.


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The purpose of the South Bethlehem Historical Society is to preserve and make known the Second Chapter of Bethlehem’s History (1850 – on) by focusing on the individuals, ethnic groups and material evidence which helped make possible the industrialization of South Bethlehem


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