2023 Ethnic Trees

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View from St. Michael's Cemetery

When the cemetery was founded, families staked out plots for themselves and put fences around them.  There was no perpetual care by the Church, and the families maintained their own plots. 

Women of the Lane Family

An early Southside Bethlehem colored family since 1887.

Eugene Grace Residence

Eugen Grace 114 W.  4th Street, Bethlehem, PA residence. From 1902 to 1906, former Bethlehem Steel Corp. President Eugene Grace called the mansion home.

Washington Junior HS Football

Washington Junior School was located in the Northampton Heights area of Bethlehem until the mid 1960’s.

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View photos from the 2023 Women of Excellence Awards, August 26, 2023
Beverly Bradley
Carol A. Kuplen
Veronica Moore
Jessica Morrissey
Janine Santoro
Deborah Silvoy

View photos from the 2022 Women in Leadership: Past and Present Event August 26, 2022
Robin Hemmons Alozie
Lara Bly
Angela DelGrosso
Melissa Miranda
Adrienne Redd, Co-founder
Anna Smith
Mary Wright
Joan Campion, Founder


After the Civil War the Borough of South Bethlehem was formed. In 1886 the Borough of West Bethlehem (in Lehigh County) was formed. In 1904, the Boroughs of West Bethlehem (in Lehigh County) and Bethlehem (in Northampton County) merged. In 1917, the Borough of South Bethlehem and Bethlehem merged to become the City of Bethlehem, with Archibald Johnston (1865-1948) selected as the new city’s first mayor.

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The purpose of the South Bethlehem Historical Society is to preserve and make known the Second Chapter of Bethlehem’s History (1850 – on) by focusing on the individuals, ethnic groups and material evidence which helped make possible the industrialization of South Bethlehem


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