The South Bethlehem Historical Society Ethnic Tree Exhibit has been taking place for the last 32 years. Throughout South Bethlehem’s history different ethnic groups immigrated to the Lehigh Valley mainly to work at Bethlehem steel but for other reasons and purposes as well. With each ethnic group that came to South Bethlehem they brought their own Christmas traditions and beliefs.  The Christmas trees embody many of those traditions and beliefs.  The purpose of the exhibit has always been to showcase those traditions as well as to remind everyone of the different ethnic groups that made Bethlehem especially the Southside what it is today. 

The Tree Lighting Ceremony was held on Friday, December 1, 2023 to Celebrate the beginning of the Season.  Come out and visit the trees!  They will remain on display until January 1, 2023 in the Crayola Gallery of the Banana Factory.

The 13 trees that are currently displayed this year are only a fraction of the many groups that came to the Lehigh Valley and especially to South Bethlehem.  In the past we’ve had up to 19 trees displayed at one time.  Over the years we’ve had difficulty finding space large enough to display all the trees.  The Crayola Gallery of the Banana Factory have been gracious enough to allow us to display the trees here for the last 2 years.