Dear Ken:

The difficulties encountered by so many during this COVID-19 Pandemic, have truly been a hardship on  many.  Those who have been able to weather the storm and continue working have become our heroes.  Heroes come in all types and job positions and more recently, medical, law enforcement and other First Responders have been the ones who have been honored. However, looking at our South Bethlehem Historical Society, like other organizations, have been left kind of frozen in time with the quarantines and prohibitions of gatherings.

The one area of our organization that stands out though all of this is the South Bethlehem Historical Society Newsletter!     Ken, through the pandemic, you have been able to continue working.  We know it has not been easy since so many places you glean information from are closed or hard to reach.  I and others recognize the hard work and important information that goes into the newsletter.  The one thought that comes to mind is “History repeating itself”.  The way you have matched past events to current themes and events takes a great deal of thought, work and ingenuity.  Because of these qualities that you possess and your love of history and the Society, the board of South Bethlehem Historical Society, voted to declare Saturday, August 1, 2020 as KEN RANIERE DAY!  We appreciate what you do and your dedication to the South Bethlehem Historical Society and feel it important to make people in the community, as well as our members aware of what you do and the effort you put into your work.

We may not always seem appreciative, but on behalf of the South Bethlehem Historical Society, I thank you for your hard work and love for South Bethlehem.

Lou James, President and Board